We require a short call summary be sent at the conclusion of any interpretation job that happens remotely. This helps us because, well, we weren't in attendance.

An example:

What to include

  • Duration of the call ("It lasted 85 minutes")
  • Any material wait times ("the Chinese speaker took an extra 10 minutes to join the bridge", "the English side dropped the call halfway through and we had to wait for her to reconnect")
  • Any technical issues ("the voice of the Japanese speaker was very faint") 
  • Any expressions of subsequent calls / follow-up ("Both sides enjoyed the discussion and the English speaker indicated he may ask the broker for a follow-up discussion")
  • Any tricky sections that were tough to translate ("the English speaker said 'share buyback' which was something I didn't know, so I had to ask what this meant")

What not to include

  • A summary of the content that was discussed ("the two sides discussed the market share trends of this industry")

Addressing the email

ALWAYS: Send to bookings@cadencetranslate.com
SOMETIMES: Send to the client who arranged the call if the client him/herself was not on the call (such information will be given to you by one of Cadence's Project Coordinators)

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