Note: Indra is a codename for one of our clients. We do not write our client's name on any publicly accessible material.

How does Indra work with Cadence?

Indra is supervising how some of their clients' brands are portrayed on YouTube. They send links of non-English YouTube videos and they expect to receive two deliverables:

  1. A human-readable English transcript of the video
  2. A paragraph summarizing the tone of the video to assist with brand safety

Requirements of the human-readable English transcript are as follows:

  • the intervals of time are quite long and these are NOT meant to be subtitles. Timestamps should be every 2 minutes or so.
  • it is NOT important to capture things like cross-talk. These transcripts are for brand safety purposes, so the goal is merely to capture the tone and sentiment of the dialogue towards the product(s)

ProTip: when you get the YouTube link, see if you can download the auto-generated source language subtitles. Click on the Gear icon > Subtitles / CC > Add Subtitles / CC (if available, this option is set by the channel owner). This takes you to a UI where you can select a language, then click Action > Download. This will save you a lot of time.

Requirements of the the brand safety paragraph are as follows:

  • An assessment about whether American Federal Trade Commission sponsored content guidelines were followed. These guidelines can be formally seen here ( They can informally be summarized as: "did the subject of the video mention this is a sponsored video, or that they received the company's products from the company itself?". The paragraph should have a affirmative ("yes it existed and here's what was said") or negative ("nothing was mentioned fitting these guidelines") assessment.
  • Product-specific requirements for the brand safety section may be included in the job description section you receive from Cadence. Please read this section carefully.
  • The overall paragraph should read something like the following:

“[NAME] begins this video introducing the product and letting her audience know this is a sponsored piece of content. She mentions the following product attributes / features:

  • A
  • B
  • C

She then moves on to her review. Her tone is enthusiastic and her review is positive. She specifically calls out things she likes/doesn’t like about the product:

+ A
+ B
+ C
- D
- E
- F

She compares it to other similar products she’s used in the past. She ends with an anecdote and thanks her sponsor.”

Where to conduct your work

We will only remit payment if you comply with our cloud workbench requirements.

How to submit your work

For each video, create a single text file containing the YouTube link, the name of the video (in its original language), the transcript and the brand safety paragraph. 

The file name should be as follows: "Booking # - Creator - Video Title - Game.docx" where:
Booking #: this is given to you by Cadence
Creator: this is the name of the YouTube channel
Video title: this is the title of the video (in its original language)
Game: this is the name of the game being discussed in the video (if applicable)

The beginning of your file should contain these four fields as well:

Send each file to and note the booking # in your email subject line to us.

When you submit your work log, please round up the the duration of the video to the nearest minute. So a 8:53 would be 9 minutes in the work log and a 10:07 video would be 11 minutes in the work log.

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