Our transcriptions are almost always between two parties: an interviewer ("INTERVIEWER") and a subject matter expert ("ADVISOR"). Please ensure the final product looks something like:

Style parameters

  • The transcript should be readable by a human. It is better to sacrifice word-for-word precision for readability.
  • "INTERVIEWER:" and "ADVISOR:" should be bold
  • No need to include filler words.
  • Use [...] to denote any inaudible remarks.
  • Use [crosstalk] to denote any crosstalk.
  • No need to include small-talk ("hey, how's everything over there today?") or digressions ("excuse me, can we take a bathroom break?")
  • No need to include momentary disconnections ("hey, sorry I couldn't hear you for a bit there. Can you say again?")

Formatting parameters


Add this as the header of your transcript (identical on every page): 

Call topic

Transcript prepared on [201X-XX-XX] by Cadence Translate, a transcriber acting independently of [client]. Transcript is not prepared or endorsed by [client].


Format & fonts

The file should be returned in .docx format.

Font to be used: Verdana
Font size to be used: 10


Timecodes are not necessary.

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