What file format should I use?
Unless otherwise specified, you want a .srt file. They MUST follow this format:

00:00:15,960 --> 00:00:18,820

00:00:18,821 --> 00:00:20,900

It will fail if you use any spacing other than:
[subtitle #]
[time code]

Client wants to see two languages at the same time?
Use this tool to merge two identically time-coded SRT files into one.

How do I 'apply' the subtitles?
If the video is on YouTube, simply choose the "CC" option and add subtitles. Note that this requires the video owner to have opted-in to "Allow community contributions". If this hasn't been allowed, simply email the .srt file to fulfillment@cadencetranslate.com and we will handle the rest.

If the video is a locally saved file, we recommend using the open-source software Handbreak and the "Burned In" option to affix the subtitles. Note that any subtitles with non-alphabetic characters (like Chinese) will require you to toggle the encoding option to UTC-8.

What if I just have a video and need to create subtitles and/or timecodes?
Here's a hack I wrote about to use YouTube to do this almost instantly.

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