Our client is Institutional Investor (II), which is a company name (For more info: They are holding global events in the investment sector and need translators to translate the agendas for those events.

The agendas contain speaker bios, event introduction, breakout sessions introductions and sometimes an overall overview of the current investment, economic and financial environment. 


  1. There are company names, speaker titles included in the agenda. You need to conduct research and see if they have established translations. If you cannot find any in public resources, please leave them in English rather than translating them directly. Please list those that you left in English in your email when you return your translation. 
  2. Ensure the consistency of the font type and size throughout the entire document
  3. Please do not change the spacing/format of the document
  4. We have zero tolerance to typos. Make sure the deliverable is typo-free.
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