Note: Dionysus is a codename for one of our clients. We do not write our clients name on any publicly accessible material.

Customer profile:

They are an international education consulting company - they work with Chinese families applying to schools in the U.S. Currently.


  1. In Chinese to English translation, please use standard American English, i.e. use “organize” instead of “organise”.

    2. Pay special attention to details like school names. i.e. 十一中学 should be translated as “The National Day School”, not “No. 11 High School”.

    3. In English to Chinese translation, there is no need to translate the English names of students/parents/teachers. In other words, if the name is “David” in the English text, no need to translate it as “大卫” in Chinese.
     4.Please do not change the file name(s) when returning the translation

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