Note: Tenjin is a codename for one of our clients. We do not write our clients name on any publicly accessible material.

What they need from Cadence: interpreting service for telephonic consultation between investors from hedge funds/asset management companies and industry experts.

CADENCE ASSESSMENT: This is an expert network call, so please see this link for how best to succeed in these types of calls: 

Note that we have a one-hour minimum charge for this client. Please submit the actual duration of the call, your payout will automatically be adjusted to reflect the minimum charge (if applicable). 

CANCELLATION/MODIFICATION POLICY: For consultations, no fees will be assessed for cancellations or modifications. However, a fee shall be incurred for any modification that occurs within zero and sixty minutes from the original start time, and/or if such call fails to start within twenty minutes from the original start time. This fee ("No-Show Fee") shall be equal to 60 minutes worth of the type of Services that are scheduled.

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