Note: Ramen is a codename for one of our clients. We do not write our clients name on any publicly accessible material.

CADENCE ASSESSMENT: The client is an expert network. They have a very distinct requirement for interpreters. Since this is an expert network call, so please see this link for how best to succeed in these types of calls.

Note that we currently do not have a one-hour minimum charge for this client but are expecting to have one shortly. Please submit the actual duration of the call in minutes. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Flexible. This assignment is subject to cancellation or rescheduling at the clients' discretion. In case of cancellation, no fees will be assessed or paid to interpreters. In case of rescheduling, interpreters will be asked to re-confirm their availability. However, there is a no-show fee of 75USD if the either party does not show up within 15 min of the scheduled time of the call.

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