Note: Apollo is a codename for one of our clients. We do not write our clients name on any publicly accessible material.

What they need from Cadence: Interpreting service for telephonic consultations between investors from hedge funds/asset management companies and the industry experts.

What they need from you: The client will share the topic & time of the call, the expert's bio and the dial-in and pin to join the call bridge with you. Please do some research on the topic of the call and make yourself familiar with the brand names in the industry which this call covers. Please introduce yourself as the interpreter for the call at the beginning of the consultation.

CADENCE ASSESSMENT: These calls have a very distinct requirement for interpreters. Since this is an expert network call, so please see this link for how best to succeed in these types of calls.

Note that we currently have a one-hour minimum charge for this client. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: This assignment is subject to cancellation or rescheduling at the clients' discretion. In case of cancellation, no fees will be assessed or paid to interpreters. In case of rescheduling, interpreters will be asked to re-confirm their availability. Failure to provide any notice of cancellation or rescheduling shall be deemed a ‘no-show’ and each incidence of a No-Show shall trigger a fee equal to 60 minutes of the requested service. Cadence estimates the probability of cancellation or rescheduling at 30%.

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