Here is a step by step guide for recording a Simultaneous interpretation demo.

First, we'll need to make you an admin of our youtube page so the video can be automatically recorded and shared with client. Once we have made you an admin of our youtube page...

  1. Login to (I will share you the credentials via WeChat)
  2. Schedule a webinar, type in the 'Topic' section (your name, the name of your content you're SI-ing and then scroll to the bottom and select 'Schedule Webinar'. Best to schedule the time 15 minutes before the event is actually happening so you can be sure everything is up and running. Then click 'Start this Webinar.'
  3. If you haven't downloaded the Zoom app you will be prompted to now. Open the .zip file, once it is done click the green button.
  4. Navigate to 'More' then 'Broadcast to Youtube', this will bring you to a google page. Select the account 'Cadence.'
  5. Under Privacy change to 'Private' then launch. 
  6. In the Zoom app make sure to unmute yourself and share your video. Minimize your selfie cam, click share your screen. Then select whatever app you are using to view the material you are SI-ing (perhaps it's youtube, perhaps it's a url for a webinar). 
  7. Perform SI. 
  8. When you're done, click Stop Recording. It should be a Red button at the top of your screen. Once you do that a notification will pop up saying that Zoom will be emailing you the recording. Then select 'More', then 'Stop Live Stream',
  9. Then you can click 'End Meeting'.
  10. You're done. Your recording has successfully been uploaded to youtube.

You're done! We will not promote this link on our social media channels. Link only to be sent to client. 

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