does the expert understand that the investor only wants information that is public or that does not breach his/her confidentiality obligation. This is because the information attained during the call might be used in buying stocks or investment. Does the expert comprehend and consent?


1.What is the current trends of the market? 

1.1 Is the industry growing/shrinking? 

1.2 At what rate?

1.3 Current and future trends?

2. The major companies/ brands/ manufacturers 

2.1 What are their names? 

2.2 What is their share of the whole market respectively?

2.3 Any newcomers that catch your eye?

3. What are the major factors of the leading company maintaining its dominance, success, competitive edge

4. How do companies within the industry produce products? What kind of production hierarchy exists? Brand- production inhouse? Outsourcing to OEM/ODM. 

4.1 What is the margin for OEM/ODM

4.2 What happens when orders surpass the capacity of production, risk? Compensation for delay, breach of contract? 

5. How is the management of the company?

5.1 C-level, Owner, Founder

5.2 Investors, shareholders, stakeholders

5.3 Any internal conflict? Any management/control issues?

6. Product

6.1 What kind of products in pipeline?

6.2 What kind of technology is used. IR, patent

6.3 What is the company’s focus on this product? What is the portion of this product of the whole production? How many units are produced/manufactured?

6.4 Cost and margin of product by unit and by quarter/month

6.5 Advantages and disadvantages compared to competing products/technology

7. Finance related questions about a company

7.1 How is the production cost for each year? Each quarter? Each unit

7.2 How much is the ROI, revenue

7.3 Operation fees, labor costs, maintenance, raw material costs, tax, tariff 

8. What is the company’s global expansion strategy? 

8.1 Share in local regional market

8.2 Entrance strategy/ growth strategy

8.3 Localization strategies

8.4 Relationship and dynamic with local companies

9. Are there any government regulations?

9.1 Hygienic, safety standards? How long does it take?

9.2 How long does it take till approval for product to hit the market?

10. Size of company?

10.1 Number of employees

10.2 Revenue

11. Marketing strategies?

11.1 Why are they successful?

11.2 Who tis he company target consumer?

11.3 Presence in online platform, search, ads strategies

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