As a customer, you will see various information about an interpreter as we commence our matchmaking.

Here's what a typical customer-facing profile of an interpreter looks like:

You will see:
-Their full name
-Their video self-introduction (if they've provided one)
-Where they are based
-Where they have lived
-The types of industries that we believe they are best fit to work in
-Whether they are a freelancer, student, or have a full-time job
-What their policy is with respect to minimum booking hours

What you can see if you ask us for it via our chat bubble:
-Their CV

What you will see after you've hired them:
-Their email address (this will be shown to you via an email you'll receive)

What you will never see:
-Their prior ratings and reviews. While this may sound weird, we believe the value of the ratings is to inform the matchmaker, not the end customer.
-Their target price per hour or price per word. All of the prices you see for a job are based on a composite price of all of our top matches.

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